The follow up habit


My husband and I were taking a Jeep ride through the country last weekend. I noticed a couple houses still had their wreaths up. I figured it is probably less about no time to take it down and more about not noticing the wreath is still up.

I have gotten in the habit of asking myself at the end of any to do, "What is the follow up or next step?"

So when the Christmas decorations go up, I also calendar when they come down.

If I write someone, I put in my calendar when I need to follow up with them.

If I have to stop in the middle of a project, I write down the next step for the next day I plan on doing the project.

When I put the clothes in the washer, I make sure I use the timers soclothes get all the way from washing to drying to folding to put away.

When I get off a call, I immediately write down the action steps in my to do list before they fall out of my brain.

It takes a few seconds to write down the next step or the followup, right after you do something. Much easier than fumbling with your memory trying to recall what you were going to do next. Or worse, never remember you were going to follow up until something gets way behind.

Life has too many moving parts for me to rely on my memory. Why don’t you try this out and see how it works for you?


Wreath photo by Ms.Tea