The Frugality Cheat Sheet: Simplify Your Life

The Frugalist has broken down how to simplify our lives into 147 tips.

Some of my favorite tips:

  • Don’t Let Things Pile Up —It’s easy just to throw all the mail into a pile on the table to take care of later but this process can easily get out of hand and before you know it there’s weeks worth of papers.
  • Don’t Hide Behind E-mail — E-mail is a great tool for work but there are some things that are simply better discussed in person. Make the effort to go into a coworker or boss’ office to discuss things in person.
  • Live Within Your Means — Keeping up with your neighbors can be a very expensive endeavor and one that leads some people to financial ruin. Learning to live with what you have is an important step in making yourself more secure financially.
  • Never Stop Learning — Whether you’re seeking to advance in your career or to simply explore your interests, learning new things can be a wonderful way to keep life interesting.

Read all the tips here:
The Frugality Cheat Sheet: 147 Tiny Tips to Live Healthier, Happier, Greener and Better