The Junk Room


A reader asks, “I have a spare room that keeps turning I to the infamous catch all. How do I keep it free from clutter?”

What a great question. I know many people have a junk room, thing room, office, craft room or guest room that becomes the spot for everything you don’t know what to do with. I have an office that turns to clutter very quickly.

Some ideas for you:

  •  Put in your calendar to pick the room back up every weekend and deal with anything you brought in during the week. So all the paper, bags, stuff from pockets and purses, things that need to go elsewhere that are just laying on the piano bench (oops that one is mine). If you don’t have a place for it, then it needs to be decluttered or you have to think of a place for it.
  • If it needs to be decluttered, pause some other projects like craft projects until the area is decluttered. Take 5, 15 or 30 min a day. Declutter one spot at a time.
  • Have areas in the room for specific activities. I do work on my desk and finances. So if I see magazines, earrings and books I know they are in the right spot. My piano bench is for me to sit on to play the piano, not for piles to deal with at another time. My shoe area should not also have exercise equipment or large envelopes. You can have areas for specific crafts. Or a bed for guests to sleep on not for piles of boxes.
  • Many of the things that are in a junk room are they because stuff didn’t get put into storage in the basement, attic or garage.
  • Have a table that is for stuff to deal with later. Sometimes we don’t have time to deal with everything immediately. As long as it is taken care of during the weekend it shouldn’t be a problem.


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