The Kids Say Less Stressed Less Tired

I’m reading Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham and I was surprised by the statistic below.

"A recent study of a thousand 3rd-12th graders asked: "If you were granted one wish that would change the way that your mother’s work affects your life, what would that wish be?" In a parallel study, their mothers were asked to guess what their children would wish for. Here’s what they found: "Most mothers (56%) guessed that their children would wish for more time with them. In fact, only 10% of children made that wish. Their most frequent wish: ‘I want my mom to be less stressed and tired’ (34%)."

Moms think they are hiding the overwhelm, low energy, and stress but the kids see it. The kids want to see mom happier.

I think this is the permission slip that we can let go of some perfectionism. The perfect house, the perfect dinner, the perfect body don’t matter as much as being joyful and relaxed.

What do you think? What are your major stressers? What makes you tired? And what can we do about it?