The Land of Hard


I got really tired of myself. I spent much of March in the land of hard. “There’s too much work to do.” “Not another migraine.” “Winter is too, too long. When will it end?” “No fresh fruit at the store.”

I only saw the hard. I was getting more tired and more cranky as the month went on, leading to a hormonal melt-down at the beginning of this month.

Completely sick of the whining, I forced myself to stop, look around and see. I went outside to see the swans. Opening the window was cold, but different. I felt grateful I can work from home. I am loving practicing for the play even if it means less time.

Focusing on the hard made me pleasure deprived. There was no reason to work in silence when music made me feel good. Freshly baked garlic bread tastes much better at the kitchen table than in front of the TV. I noticed I had stopped massaging lavender lotion on my feet before bed. Instead of looking at ways that I could feel better, it was like I was shutting down any ways that do perk me up. As if I wanted to be miserable. Ugh!

So this week there has been music, rest, reading, lotion, and walking in the rain. Even tiny bits of time can turn things around. Asking the question, “How can I make what I am doing right now more fun or more pleasurable?” can lead to insights.

Notice what is already around you.




  • Hafdís says:

    Thank you for all your Weekly Simplicity Tips, and blog posts! I always look forward to reading them, they have been so helpful throughout the years!

    I have been feeling a bit like this too! Overwhelmed with work mostly. Yesterday I was lying on the sofa, telling my husband how tired I was and how I was really not feeling up to having to deal with all the work the day after (today, Monday). He reminded me to not spend my free time being anxious for what will happen after the free time. Of course! I always forget this simple truth and have to be reminded again and again :)!

    Thank you for this post :), and for reminding me about this.

    Best wishes from Iceland.

  • Beth Dargis says:

    So true. Worry without taking any action (and your action is at work) is just tiring. I hope you feel better today and are taking lots of breaks!

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