The less than perfect holiday


I see and read about the franticness people have at this time of year between the holidays, getting the end of year stuff done and trying to plan the next year. You see snippyness at the store. The fatigue of young mothers with kids trying to get the groceries. Cards, food, baking, decorating, watching all the Christmas films, seeing the lights, entertaining and concerts.

You can stop. It may seem you have to do all the things. You may feel pressure to do everything. But, how much of that is internal and how much is external?

We all bring in the expectations of our upbringing and what we assume are the expectations of society. We also struggle with our own internal perfectionism – wanting to do it all and wanting to do it right.

But, it is your life. You have your own purpose, talents and ways of seeing. If you try to do all the things, who you are gets watered down. Do you want to be a clone of everyone else or what other people say you need to be?

What’s most important to you and your family right now? What can you let go of? What can be less than perfect?

Notice where you are getting tense and stressed from self-pressure. Ease up for a happier you and a happier family.

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