The life-changing magic of tidying up

I’ve been reading the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. Since the Declutter Group starts today, I thought I’d read to get some fresh inspiration. But her way of decluttering is definitely not my way of decluttering.

She suggests decluttering in one swoop, get everything organized to perfection and then you will automatically keep it tidy forever. She says it has worked with her clients.

I’ve been running declutter groups for about 7 years now and none of my clients have enough time to declutter all at once.  Decluttering 5 minutes a day can be considered progress.

Since life is not stagnant I don’t think you can organize and declutter everything at once and be done with it.  There are life transitions – marriage, a baby, a loved one’s death, a new job, a new hobby, letting go of projects and ideas of yourself.

Caring for your home is an on-going, ever changing thing.

Caring for your home requires maintenance. Some weeks there will not be enough time for it and you may have to catch up on the weekend. I’d love for people not to feel badly about that.

I want decluttering to feel lighter and more fun. We laugh a lot in the declutter group.

All that said I am still looking forward to continuing reading. It’s important to read things that view things a different way and maybe I’ll pick up some great ideas to share with the Declutter Group.