The Mental Clear Out: 2 simple steps to de-cluttering your mind


Guest post by Clarity coach Joanna Byrne

It’s spring here in the northern hemisphere! Time for a Spring Clean! And I am not talking about the physical process of clearing out the spaces in your home. Nope, this clear out is for your mind.

Have you ever stopped and really listened to what’s on repeat in your mind every day? I mean, really consciously listen to your thoughts, rather than our usually free flowing ramble that we allow unconsciously. Are you aware of the tape that’s on repeat in your mind, feeding your mind with thoughts… thoughts that lead to feelings. If thoughts lead to feelings, then we all want to feel good, right? To feel good, you must become conscious of your thoughts, and try to manage them.

Let’s do this spring clean in two steps:

Step One

Get it out of your head and onto a page. Bring everything in your mind that’s rambling about out, and just dump it onto a page. Any old way! Let it free flow, don’t monitor it too much, just take some time, a piece of paper (virtual paper if you like) and just reel off all the thoughts that come to you. It might take some time to really get to the nitty-gritty of what you are really allowing yourself to think. Just stick with it. You might be surprised at what comes out.

TIP: a good idea is to set a timer for say 15-20 minutes and just write, un-censored until the alarm sounds.

Step Two

Question it. Here you have an uncensored brain dump of all the thoughts rolling around in your head. Look at them. Some of them may be great, others possibly not so great. For each one, ask yourself, is this thought true? Is there any evidence to support that thought? If not, cross it off and let it go. Next time you hear yourself thinking that thought, discard it; it’s not true.

Now that you know how, try practicing managing your thoughts daily. Check in with yourself from time to time, and become aware of what you are thinking. Ask yourself, is it true? Decide whether to keep it or release it.

Remember, just because you think a thought doesn’t make it true.

Joanna Byrne

Joanna is an experienced Business, Executive and Personal coach who helps people get clear, build confidence and take action towards creating a life and career that they desire. You can find her at



  • Paige says:

    Such excellent, concrete steps here! I’ve always found that writing things out helps in so many ways–I often write things I hadn’t even realized I’d been thinking. And then to question those thoughts is where it starts to get really good; when we can do that, it’s such a rich resource for insight. Thanks for sharing!

  • Joanna says:

    Awesome Paige! I know what you mean, I am always surprised at what comes out when I allow an uncensored writing session unfold. Questioning it is key. They are not always true, those thoughts we allow ourself to think, are they 🙂

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