The onion ring story


Onion rings

My husband and I were on a motorcycle ride when we stopped by fast food for some lunch. I asked for a small onion ring. "What size onion rings?" "Small." "We have small, medium, large onion rings." "Small is fine." "Or we have the value size onion ring." And we had a big conversation on the difference between small and value size. "Small is fine." I get my order and she gave me fries.

Our days are full of stressors like these. The internet goes down. The person driving in front of you is going 10 miles under the speed limit. Or the truck in back of you is on your bumper. The call you don’t want to make or take. The doctor is running late. You have to pick one of the kids up at school. The coupons aren’t accepted at the grocery store.

We learn two things in situations like these:

1) How patient you are.

Some people are naturally more patient than others. Some learn through having to be patient.

2) How stressed/rushed you feel.

If things are irritating you more than they are worth, you might be over-scheduled. Some people are so tightly scheduled that when one thing goes out of whack, the rest of the day falls apart. They may be constantly irritated because these stressors usually happen at least daily. You don’t want to be on the verge of crying when you get a bank overdraft notice or forget to get everything you needed at the store.

How have recent stressors affected you? Do you need to take some relaxation time? Do you need to take one thing off the schedule? Do you need to ask for help?

This week pay attention when you feel irritated and stressed.

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  • Tika Kat says:

    It seems of late we too have experienced this same scenario. People just do not listen or read the order(even when I see them write it down & it seems they do not recheck their notes) & they just give you what they think you wanted & then tell you “Oh yes that is what you ordered!” (they lie). Often the other people eating with you also aren’t paying attention either & you are left feeling as if you don’t really exit, invisible. I do not agree with you that you shouldn’t say anything about Onion Rings- inside you ask why did I even say what I wanted? It doesn’t matter! At times I feel as if I must have been day dreaming silently or maybe I’m in another dimension! While we were moving-packing, the the actual move & unpacking, we went out everyday and I experienced this each & everyday at dif. restaurants! I must say, it IS NOT about being patient, unkind, not seeing the positives, or whatever … IT IS about other people LISTENING fully, caring enough/respecting another person TO REMEMBER! I am sorry to say, customer service, caring about doing a good job, AND actually working during work hours are a thing of the past. I believe if you want a specific item & you are allowed to order it or are asked a preference, you should get what you requested, if not don’t ask, AND people should be responsible for their mistakes. How many times do we just give in – as women we do this our whole life so as to not make waves? When DO WE GET Onion Rings, water w/o ice, no tomatoes on our salads, the extra napkin while we are eating & not with the bill?

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