The Sage


When I think of my future self, I often picture a sage, wise woman. Someone calm who realizes all the little things I worry about don’t matter in the long run. Everything passes. You live through it all until you don’t.

A being that understands typos, burned food and getting it all done are the small parts of life. My connection to God and nature, family, good friends and conversation, taking actions beyond my comfort zone – those are the memories.

My future self is relaxed yet feels powerful in her self. She has the strength and wisdom from life experiences. She is warm and loving saying, “Everything will be all right.” She wraps people in hugs and sees potential, not flaws. Yet holds strong in boundaries.

Love and peace radiate from her. She is not perfect and understands no one is. She accepts life’s circumstances as she continues to grow through them.

Sometimes I will picture her facing me and then visualize myself stepping into her body. Stepping into a wiser, more centered person.

What is your future self like?

Photo by alpay tonga on Unsplash

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