Clean Sweep Program

Clean Sweep Coaching Program

This is a 10-week interactive program about getting your life in order. Clean Sweep will help you get rid of many of your energy drains.

The Clean Sweep Program is designed to clear out your life of unresolved matters and habits holding you back from the life you want.

  • Are you surrounded by clutter and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you long to have more energy?
  • Do you often pay bills late?
  • Do you spend lots of time with people that drain your energy?
  • Do you spend your evenings watching TV because you are too tired to do anything else?
  • Do you want to exercise but it feels like too much work?

This program will help you clean up and polish four areas of your life: environment, health, relationships and money.

Your 10 week program includes:

  • Your Clean Sweep Assessment which gives you an instant snapshot of the four areas of your life
  • Weekly 15 min sessions by chat room or daily/weekly email check ins
  • Specific, objective, personal help with whatever you need to clean up in your life

Each week I will send you a lesson and we will discuss it in my chat room or through e-mail.

You can have energy and vitality!

Clean Sweep Program

A 10-wk program to get you started on cleaning up your life and getting more energy.

Class Description
This is a 10-week interactive program. The Clean Sweep Program is for you, if you are fed up and ready for action. Are you ready for a life makeover? I will be there to provide accountability and help you follow through. Included in the course will be unlimited e-mail coaching, worksheets, resources, and action plans.

The 4 areas of the of the Program are:

  • Environment
  • Well-being
  • Money
  • Relationships

You can order right now online with Paypal. If you prefer to send a check e-mail me at beth [at] and I will give you the info. I can also present this program to your group if you are in the Michigan area.