There Must Be More Than This

I have been reading a fascinating book called There Must Be More Than This by Judith Wright. She talks about the soft addictions that keep us from living a life of more. You know, excess internet surfing, tv watching, overeating, procrastination, chronic negativism, etc. In order to lesson the hold of our soft addictions we want to find out what we are really hungry for. We try to numb ourselves with these soft addiction, when we are really yearning to make a difference, be noticed, and feel connected.
We need to subtract our soft addictions and add our more: self-care, nourishment, space and time to be and feel. Adding developing and sharing our talents, being with our feelings, creative expression, humor. Add being awake and alive, beauty & inspiration and gratitude. Add activities to fulfill our hungers. If you hunger to be connected don’t drown yourself in soap operas instead share yourself with others, join a group that values connectedness, and be a good friend.
When we subtract our soft addiction we need to do them slowly and in stages. We also need to subtract our negative thoughts that get in the way. We can subtract our clutter for better focus. Find out more at her web site:


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