Things Falling Through the Cracks


I hate when things fall through the cracks. But, being flighty by nature, items would often be forgotten. Whoops, forgot that birthday. Was I supposed to get an oil change at some point? Never followed up with that person and now my project is behind.

If I don’t write something down, my tendency is to forget it. When I was talking with a client this morning, I shared this system that has helped improve my life immensely.

At the end of every task, I ask what is the next action. Sometimes it’s just marking it as complete and feeling that satisfaction. Other times I need to follow up on something I am waiting for or write down the next project step on my to do list.

I recently returned home from the chiropractor. I had made my next appointment while I was there so I didn’t have to make a phone call later. When I got home I put the next appointment into my calendar. And then put the emailed receipt into my accounting Gmail folder.

This means I will go to the appointment because an appointment card isn’t laying on my desk to get buried at some point. And I’ll be able to have the medical receipt for tax time without hunting for it.

When I finish with my accountability clients, I write my accountability clients on tomorrow’s list.

I am currently updating my freebie page and doing 3 boxes a day. So once I do my three boxes today, I will put three boxes on tomorrow’s list.

If I send something to a client for approval, I’ll put on my calendar to check back in three days time.

This system keeps my projects moving forward. I don’t have to sit and figure out what I need to do for my project when I look at it next. I already wrote down the next step while it was fresh in my head.

It gives a relaxing pause as I finish up a task before rushing into another one.

I am able to notice what I complete and feel good about it for a moment.

It’s helpful if you have to give status reports or have regular team calls so you know where you are on items. You can keep an ongoing document with what steps you have taken and need to take on projects that you update after your task.

As it’s a new habit, you’ll have to set up a reminder system. Perhaps a note in your to do list to remind you. Or calendar dings that go off every 15, 30, or 60 minutes. May a computer desktop post it not. When you tell yourself you don’t have time to do it, remind yourself you are saving that time you would flounder around wondering what you need to do. Or hunting for something. Or forgetting an appointment and having to reschedule.

OK, now I am writing on my to do list for tomorrow to edit this piece.

Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

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  • Morning Upgrade says:

    Wow, this sounds great. Things falling through the cracks not only is inconvenient, but it can be very frustrating. This is good advice to follow for more organization and productivity. -Ryan

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