Things to Do Slowly

Christine of Abbey of the Arts has a beautiful post on Summertime Slowness, things that should be savored and done slowly.

Some other things to be done slowly:

  • Walk in nature. You can walk for other reasons besides exercising. See the details in the flowers or to spot the deer hiding. I know it takes a lot of looking to find the green frogs in the pond by the green lily pads of the same color.
  • Watching the clouds move and become different shapes as you lie on the ground.
  • Stroking the cat in long, smooth motions.
  • Writing a thoughtful letter to a friend or a love letter.
  • Arranging a plate of food so it is beautiful as well as delicious.
  • Enjoying a completed project and basking in that success for a bit.
  • Get ready for bed so you feel slower and more relaxed by the time you get there.
  • Answering the phone, door or email – breathe first.
  • Notice and reflect.
  • Browsing, puttering and dawdling.