So many people think they are too busy to change their life. They don’t realize they can change their life in a moment.

It takes just a moment to scan your thoughts and chuck out the negative thinking. It takes just as long to listen as it does to pretend to listen. Forgiving takes less time than holding a grudge.

Here are some other small changes”

  • Visualizing a great day while in the shower
  • Asking yourself what is the best use of my time right now
  • Keeping water at your desk to sip during the day
  • Letting a car in front of you
  • Breathe once before answering the phone
  • Savoring and enjoying your food
  • Waking up with an alarm clock that has nature sounds instead of a buzz
  • Think of all the things you are grateful for as you drift off to sleep
  • Making a list before you shop, instead of wasting time wandering aisles
  • Reading a personal development book instead of a gossip mag
  • Listening to music while you clean
  • Can you think of a change that will improve your life without a lot of extra time?