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If it always seems you don’t have enough time read below

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From: Beth Dargis, Simpler Life Educator

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Many of us our overwhelmed and we are always saying, “I don’t have enough time.”

Ask yourself: do you want to live your life in a constant state of hurry and worry, stress and exhaustion?

When it comes to time, have you tried system after system but nothing works?

Or do you keep all your to dos in your head hoping you don’t forget anything?

Or worse, have a time system that takes so much time to manage you wonder if it’s even worth it?

Do you want a simpler, easier, lighter relationship to time without all the guilt, shame and not-enoughness?

We want to feel more peaceful, in the flow and have time to breathe. We want to feel in harmony with time, not falling behind or rebelling against.


I’m Beth Dargis and I’ve been teaching people how to simplify their lives for the past 15 years after figuring out the skills I needed to stay sane as my job as a graphic designer for a printing company. I can teach you everything I know about how to make peace with time.

From finding time for self-care… to how to focus… to playing with beliefs that block you from serenity… to how to stop feeling everything is urgent…

I want to help you change your relationship with time.

Sound like where you want to be?

It’s my Change Your Relationship with time class.

10 Reasons You’re Going to Want This Class

1. “I just don’t have enough time,” will no longer be your mantra.

2. You’ll find rushing isn’t a necessity.

3. You will get through your to do’s with more focus. Taking action is good. Feeling scattered is not.

4. You will discover how to feel like you and what you do is enough.

5. To do lists are yours that won’t seize you up as soon as you look at them.

6. Find out how to plan instead of always putting out fires. Yet, let go of over-planning.

7. You will get clear on what is important to you. You’ll get in touch with your soul and see what is best for you and your family.

8. You will make friends that “get you.” I always love how supportive the classes are with one another. As someone recently said, “Now I know I am not alone.”

9. You will learn to soothe yourself with self-compassion.

10. You will play with the fear and ego that keeps you in panic mode.

I’ve learned so much throughout the years, most of all that what I think is the problem is usually not the problem. Time doesn’t have to be the problem.

After my class I want you to be able to say, “I am living life more gently, with self-compassion. I am letting my inner wisdom guide me instead of pressure from myself and others. I feel freer, less worried and more joyful.”

The Change Your Relationship to Time Class Quick Summary

This class is a 4-week class of teaching and interaction.

The class begins Monday October 10, 2022.

We’ll have four classes in my private chat room to change your relationship with time. If you can’t make the classes, a transcript will be sent within 24 hours.

You’ll connect with others at our weekly class and in a private Facebook group. Often people continue to encourage one another after the classes are done.

You will have your own workbook to go through to help you take practical action.

You will leave the class feeling less pressured, less stressed and more fulfilled.

Get what you need to live life with more peace and serenity.

Classes are 8pm ET time on Mondays. If you can’t make the class, join us on Facebook and read the transcripts.

And I will answer each of your questions on our chats or in Facebook. Situations are personal, lives are personal and your relationship with time will be personal.

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Recently a friend and I were lost in Grand Rapids, MI. She said, “I am so glad you aren’t getting all upset that we will be late for the concert.” Time just isn’t a concept I like to get upset about anymore.

What others say about my classes:

“I have been a part of Beth’s [declutter] program for a while, and one issue at a time, I make progress each time I join. It’s fun and encouraging to work together like this. It reminds me of my mom and aunt helping each other out whenever our families visited each other. They had fun and got stuff done!”

– Lois

“Taking the declutter workshop helped me see the areas needed to be worked on, actually making the time to do small steps and stick to my small increments as I felt accountable to the group. Lots of items were given away allowing my house and me to breathe. I feel better, have less stress and more energy! “

– Jo in Michigan

” I was so happy with the support and encouragement that Beth showed! Daily check ins helped keep me motivated in areas where I had not succeeded before. The difference in my home was noticeable, and I love having a craft area back!”

– Tamara Havens

“I have been a part of Beth’s program for a while, and one issue at a time, I make progress each time I join. It’s fun and encouraging to work together like this. It reminds me of my mom and aunt helping each other out whenever our families visited each other. They had fun and got stuff done!”


“What a wonderful program! Not only did the Declutter Club keep me focused and accountable, it was also there as a means of support when the going got tough. The Declutter Club was instrumental in helping me create a habit of decluttering. I am really looking forward to the next group.”

– Maryann, NY

Who is this course for?

People who are looking for more than a surface time management course.

People who feel overwhelmed with to dos and want to believe there is another path.

People who want more joy, fulfillment and creativity.

People who are tired of the life of going from to-do to to-do and not feeling the meaning in their lives.

“You have taught me to believe in myself and to take things slowly, one step at a time, keep sight of my goals, both short term and long term.

Your coaching style was both nurturing and motivating, you seemed to intuitively know some days what I needed most. Your caring and understanding was so appreciated and it came from the heart.”
-Holly C.

So are you ready to change your relationship to time? Class is $37.00 or a bit more than $1 a day.

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If you have any questions please email me at: beth @ (without the spaces).

Wishing you a relationship of freedom and peace with time.


Beth Dargis

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