Time is Subjective


We know that. A boring meeting can seem like hours, while playing at the beach can seem like minutes.

So much of the hurried pressure, we put on ourselves. We say, "I’ll never get it all done." Or, "I need to go faster to complete this faster and go on to the next thing."

Next thing you know you are walking faster. Talking faster. Hurrying your kids even when there isn’t a rush.

You feel tense all the time because you always feel you are behind.

But, let’s look at that word. You FEEL you are behind. This is not necessarily true. Maybe you are right where you are supposed to be. Maybe what really needs to get done, will get done. Maybe the pressure you are feeling is self-imposed.

And really – is hurry helpful anyway? I know when I hurry that’s when I drop things, make mistakes, and my frazzled mind quits working.

How would it feel to tell yourself today, "I have all the time I need to get what’s most important done." Or "There is no reason to hurrry. I am calm, cool and collected." You’ll feel a difference in your body right away.



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