Time Management Program

In my blog comments someone asked what time management system is right now. I tend to play around with them and move to a different system when I find I start getting huge backlogs. This allows me to get rid of to dos that I don’t want/need to do.

The system I am using right now is Lean Kit Kanban with a word doc.

My word document is filled with todos (also called the master list). Then on Sundays I place 5-10 to do’s under each day of the week (later in the week usually has less so I can add what comes up during the week.) I add things to the Word doc as it comes up either under a particular day or at the bottom for next week. I like word because I can add bold, different colors, etc. And I can add the whole email task if I want so I don’t have to search for it later. I add a deadline to the task if it has one. Very fast and simple.

If I’m not at the computer I put tasks in a little notebook I have and clear out in the evenings.

Then for Daily planning I use the Lean Kit Kanban.  It’s a system that uses post it notes in columns like you would on a whiteboard. You can put whatever columns you want. I like To Do, Doing and Done. The To Do column has everything I want to do that day, including daily routine items. You can use different colored post its for different things.

For me:

  • Dailies are blue
  • Financials are green
  • Different clients get different colors
  • Personal is pinkish
  • Blog is purple
  • Projects are orange

The doing column never has more than 5 items, though I prefer 3 items. These are my highest priority for the moment. This ensures you don’t have too many works in progress at one time.

When they are done they get to go to the done column.

In the morning or the night before I move my dailies to the to do column, add anything from Google calendar, and whatever is in my word doc for the day. (Daily chores are in the chore chart which we do after dinner, so they aren’t in this system.)

Here’s part of my Kanban this morning:


You can read more about Personal Kanban 101 here.

I like this method because it is fast and is not complicated. It is easy to personalize.

 Have you found a time management system that is working for you?