Time Zones


I was talking with a client who wanted more structure in his life. He was thinking about creating a schedule with times like 8am the gym, 9am client work, 3pm clean off desk. I suggested the way that works for me – time zones. Too often if you attach times to routines, the minute you go off track you start thinking the whole day is shot (or is that only me?)

He immediately breathed easier. We both are the type of people that rebel against routine, but at the same time need the structure.

I just updated my Daily Rhythm which is in 4 zones:

  1. Morning (which includes exercise, quiet time, picking up the house)
  2. Working with Love and Attention (client calls, marketing, email, clearing desk)
  3. Time with Family (snack, outside, weeklies, paper, make dinner)
  4. Evening (after dinner chores, planning for tomorrow, journaling, reading)

Daily Rhythm

No times attached. My client is doing 6 zones feeling the need for a little more structure.

We don’t need to plan every minute of the day, and we don’t need to put in things we already automatically do. I don’t have check facebook, watch TV or talk with my family in my routine because that will get done. It’s mainly for things I know will make my life run more smoothly, but I don’t always remember to do.

If something happens and I can’t get to something in my daily rhythm, I know exactly what is not getting done. That goes for distracting myself. I know if I turn on the TV for breakfast that means I most likely won’t get to quiet time and picking up the house.

What are your goals for the upcoming year? Do you have recurring activities that will help you in those goals? These are great things to put into your daily rhythm. If you want to lose weight you are going to want to find a place for exercise. If you want to learn a language, you might want to add listen to foreign language podcast to your routine. If you want to start meditating, you can add that.

What do you want in your Daily Rhythm?




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