Tips for Sports Moms


Being a sport mom requires tons of time at games & practices. Time sitting in the cold, heat or wet. Lots of time in the car. Too much looking forward to the end of the season.

Before each sports season it’s important to decide together how many sports your child will be in. If your child has a bunch of other things like ballet, piano lessons, Spanish class, and volunteering maybe no sports is right for your family.

Too many parents think that having kids in sports will lead to college scholarships. But only 25% of school scholarships are sports related. There are other avenues to the scholarship.

My son was in soccer many years, but I’d love to hear tips from other Sports Moms.

Here are some of my tips:

  • Prepare the night before with equipment, chairs, snacks. Keep equipment together. My mother-in-law made a soccer bag for his ball, pads and shoes.
  • If younger siblings come, bring something fun for them. My daughter had a coloring book/crayon kit she used to bring.
  • Walk around the field to fit in some exercise. Or some fields have parks by the field for the younger ones (and you) to play.
  • Bring a book, chat with a friend, knit or give yourself something to do during practices.
  • Have someone else help with the driving – spouse, aunt, friend, kid’s friend’s mom.
  • Don’t be obsessed with performance. Look for the positives in practices and games.
  • Put the sports calendar in your calendar. Things fall through the cracks when you use separate calendars.
  • Have a laundry basket in the laundry room just for uniforms.
  • Plan quick meals for practice/game days.
  • Schedule visits to the doctor months in advance to make sure you can get the medical forms filled out in time.
  • Check out what is the proper equipment for the sport this season before you go out and buy.
  • Always bring extra clothes, socks and a first aid kit for the car.
  • Make sure your kid has everything before you leave. Everyone can do a quick scan.
  • Put in your calendar a couple days before you are due to bring treats so you have time to bake or buy.

What are your tips?

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