Tired of letting yourself down with your goals?


It’s a little over half way through the year. How are your goals coming? Have you made progress? Or perhaps you haven’t even looked at them since you created them.

Or you don’t even make goals anymore so you don’t have to let yourself down.

Maybe you keep them vague inside your head. Wishes.

It might be time to turn your goals into projects. Have actual steps to take and put on your calendar.

Even goals like "Be more honest" can have action steps. Reminders set about the living space. Scheduling to think about ways you can be more honest in the morning. An action that if you find yourself saying a white lie, you need to come clean within 24 hours.

If you want to turn your goals into a project, I can help you by either doing accountability email coaching with you or you can join the August Pleasant Project small group where I take you through a process to plan out your goal.

Even if you don’t sign up, I encourage you to pick one of your goals to turn into a project and start planning!



Picture by Robert Nunnally


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