Tomatoes are ripe and I am delighting



I’ve been waiting for this all year. Even the vine ripened tomatoes at the grocery store can’t compare to a fresh tomato just picked from your garden. It’s days like this that I feel so rich. And I love being able to give to others out of my abundance.

My grandfather is a brilliant gardener and his garden is always big and plentiful. My garden is more hit and miss. A few too many weeds. A bit too little water. Vegetables planted too close together – again. But, I always end up with gorgeous tomatoes.

The other day the kids were visiting their grandma when their cousins were in town. They went for a little hike in the woods behind their house to pick blackberries. Even though purple lips proved that many were eaten on the way, they came back with a big bowl overflowing with berries.

I tried out a recipe with blackberries and peaches that turned out so tasty: Blackberry and Peach Crisp

Blackberry Peach Crisp

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