Too many interests


Do you have too many interests? Do you have tons of projects, self-help programs, things you want to learn, hobbies?

Since you know you can’t do them all at once (though we’d like to), Barbara Sher in her book Refuse to Choose, has the idea of the Quarterly Project. Pick something, it doesn’t really matter which and decide to concentrate on it for the next 3 months. Do your weight loss plan, or pay off as much debt as possible, study about Africa, take a class in pottery. Then the next 3 month’s play with another interest.

I also heard of an idea where you can do seasonal interests if you have lots of hobbies. In winter your hobbies can be skiing and sewing. In spring you take up gardening and biking. In summer you can swim and read. In fall you can do hiking and scrapbooking. Too often we feel we don’t have time for our hobbies if we don’t have time for ALL our hobbies. So we don’t do anything. Don’t let that happen to you!

√ā¬ Another useful idea I have been working with is an idea book. She calls it a Scanner Daybook. Picture DaVinci’s notebooks. At the front of mine I have an index of all the ideas with page numbers. Each idea gets two pages. When you get an idea, go with it. Write down plans, sketches, brainstorms, mind maps, or whatever else comes to you about this idea. Now your idea is saved whether or not you decide to use it in the future.

I have ideas on a retreat to create, places I want to visit, a migraine reduction plan, ideas for a large mirror we have, etc. And it’s fun to look through even when I am not working with a particular idea.

It’s OK to have lots of ideas, interests and projects.


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