Too Productive


My teens and I went strawberry picking yesterday. We each had our own row to search for strawberries. The sunshine warmed our heads as the scent of ripe strawberries and hay surrounded us. I daydreamed, falling into a meditative like state as I relaxed from the day’s stresses. I realized we didn’t have enough moments like that anymore.

Earlier that day I went to the eye doctor. I was frantic when I realized I had left my reading materials at home. I calmed down then and thought, "Why can’t I just be right now." Unless you are fretting about waiting, it can be an enjoyable time of letting your mind wander, hearing your thoughts and relaxing. I left the office buoyant.

We have drowned out these times by filling every moment.

No longer do we just walk, we need to walk with someone to talk or talk on the phone or listen to music through headphones.

Dishes are done with a noisy dishwasher usually while listening to the TV or helping kids with homework.

We can’t even wait the few seconds for a page to load without going to check email.

Silence is quickly snuffed out by chatter, turning on the TV or radio or getting online.

 What would happen today if you let those times of waiting, those "unproductive" times nurture you?

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