Tools for Simpler Living

As with anything else, having good tools makes simpler living easier as well.

  • Calendar – I prefer Google calendar, but one you can take with you is ideal. But, that doesn’t mean you schedule something immediately. You still want to think before saying yes.
  • The Declutter Calendar so you can take care of one small area at a time
  • Quiet time space daily for silence and centering
  • A labeler so everything is neatly labeled. Feels better than my messy scrawl.
  • A money program that tracks your spending and updates at a click of a button. is good.
  • Automatic savings from your bank that moves money every paycheck
  • A journal to uncover your needs and discover what is important to you
  • Routines – so you don’t have to re-decide when to clean, pay bills, etc.