Trapped Together = Family Togetherness

I wrote on my Facebook status that my car was sitting in mud and we were waiting for a tow.

My sister replied that she was sorry I had such a rough night. It didn’t even seem rough to me.

We (my family and I) were exploring trails in what we thought was a state park, but what the tow truck owner called a gravel pit. We backed out when we saw the trail ahead was pretty bad. The mud sucked us in to the side.

My dear husband who can fix just about anything could tell he couldn’t get us out. So we called 411, got a local tow truck person and was told they would be there in 25 minutes.

So we spent 25 minutes talking with one another. We were laughing how the mosquitoes swarming around the car reminded us of a bad horror film. And the teens were stuck in the car with no escape (unless they wanted to get taken away by bugs). No PSP’s, no computer, no TV. It was a great time on family togetherness. And afterwards we took our starving crew to Panera Bread for more family fun.

When was the last time you had some no technology time with your family?