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In the Declutter Group we were talking about paper and what to do if you aren’t at home. You know those plastic or paper Accordion folders like for bills?

Accordion Folder

Before leaving home I threw a pile of papers that needs sorting in the front pocket. Then I have little labels – to read, to do, to pay, to file and any other project papers I end up with.

Then when I was waiting for kids or when I worked outside the home, I did quick sorts and a lot of time I could do the "to do" papers or pay bills. This really helped my paper piles.


  • joy says:

    I have always had a problem with paper!! And I have finally found my own solution that you may want to consider.

    There’s an app for androids that scans paperwork & it actually works as well as my regular scanner. I now use it for everything – and it’s about as quick as taking a picture. I don’t stress over deciding what to keep because it’s quicker to scan it – and it’s all on my phone so whenever I have extra time, I go through the scanned docs, label & file them in folders in an online storage cloud. It’s also saved me so much time – I can fax, email or text the documents right from my phone and all my documents, etc, are always with me, right at my fingertips.

    I still keep important documents in hard copy – but there’s so few things that actually need to be kept. And, if I ever need a hard copy of something that I didn’t keep, I can print them right from my phone. You can also connect your phone to your computer and move the documents to your hard drive for another storage/viewing option…

    For people that don’t have androids, it’s something that still could be considered… you can buy used android phones and even without a cell service, you can connect to the internet, download the app & use the phone as a scanner – and even a camera, etc…

    There’s a free app but I paid about $3 for the paid version which gives me unlimited scans and file size. I love it. It’s taken a huge weight off my back.

  • Beth says:

    Thanks so much for sharing that with us Joy

  • kristi says:

    thnx yr AWESOME I DONT STart my week w/out u!!!

  • Beth says:

    Thanks Kristi. That’s very lovely.

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