Trifty Can Be Fun

money jar

The people I know that have mastered their finances and spending are those who have turned being thrifty into a game.

They don’t see being thrifty as being cheap or feeling deprived. They see being thrifty as a challenge and something that is life giving.

For when you think of it who is often happier: the person who overspent and is mired in debt or the person who was thrifty and now doesn’t have to worry if they can pay back their loans.

Being thrifty and living within your means is a way to be good to yourself and your family.

So you might as well make it a game.

  • How little can you spend on groceries this week?
  • Can you make it through the weekend without spending on anything but necessities?
  • Can you create something out of what you have instead of buying new?
  • Be a bargain hunting detective if there is something you need.
  • Go shopping with a thrifty friend to learn from them.
  • Make a point to tell a friend how much you saved and you can support them in their thriftiness.
  • Cut out one restaurant meal this week or coffee or find something else you can cut one of.
  • Save change in a jar to go to debt reduction so you can pay more than the minimum.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back when you save or don’t spend.
  • Play the "date your hubby with "5" game. Try spending just $5 or less on your next date.
  • If you want something, play with some ideas to get it without paying for it. Like get it from the library, borrow it, barter, swap, ask for it.
  • Make a list of fun things to do that cost no money.

Do you have any ways that you turn saving money into a game?



Photo by: Kriss Z Photography