Try Asking

I am usually not good at asking, but I’ve gotten better since I’ve been married. Mainly because my husband can not take a hint. At all. I’ve had to learn to be very forthright.

The other day I was just finishing up making the enchiladas. I opened the freezer to get the shredded cheese out. No shredded cheese. I checked the cheese drawer and only found provolone and fait gras cheeses.

I flew out the door sans makeup, hair in a ponytail, hoping to get in and out of the grocery store in two minutes flat. It takes over twice as long as usual to go to the grocery store now that it’s under construction.

The store was very busy being dinner time, but I found a spot to park. I went straight for the dairy aisle and grabbed the cheese.  I saw an acquaintance but looked away quickly because I really didn’t want to be seen looking so bedraggled.  I charged towards the self-checkout. I opened the pocket for my wallet and… no wallet. I had left it on my desk after paying for something online earlier that day. (My husband said he tried to call me about it, but I had also left the phone on my desk.)

I knew if I drove home to get it and come back, the enchiladas would be ruined by that time. It popped into my head to ask the acquaintance if she had a few dollars. I really, really didn’t want to do this. I was looking silly, scatter-brained and messy. Vulnerable.  But I told the ego to be quiet and asked.

She was sooo sweet and though she didn’t have cash, came to the checkout and swiped her debit card. She seemed genuinely happy to have been able to help. We got to chat together and it brightened both of our days.

How many times do we lose opportunities to connect and let others help us because we don’t want to be vulnerable enough to ask?