Turning Around a Situation

The guidebook said it was going to be an informative walking tour of history and stone bridges.

As we hiked, we saw many places where signs used to be. But, it wasn’t until sign 14 that we saw any informative signs. And that was the  only one.

white trees

The white trees against the blue sky were beautiful

During the 2 mile walk we kept hoping to see the stone bridges towering in the sky. When the end of the road was gated off we had to turn back around. I was hearing some grumbles. The rest of the family wasn’t as excited about the butterflies and trees as I was.

At the next empty sign post, I announced a fake historic event that happened here about President Andrew Jackson crossing the bridge.  We found the stone bridges – tiny bridges we didn’t even know were bridges when we crossed the first time. But, on the way back we saw the stones. My husband declared that bridge we came to was built by the squirrel army.

I pointed out the spot where a scene from Goldfinger was shot. Could have been, we were near Fort Knox 🙂 .  And the kids were naming new landmarks and telling the stories.

By the time we got back to the car we couldn’t stop laughing.

I still don’t know the history of that trail.