Turning off the computer

Saturday I decided not to turn on the computer all day except for about 10 minutes to upload something. Instead my daughter and I baked 2 types of cookies. Then both the kids helped me clean the kitchen. I cleaned out two kitchen cabinets taking 2 boxes downstairs and one to give away.

The kids played in the snow while I framed some pictures. Then I cleaned my office. I went through my personal project files and emptied them out so I have room for new projects.

I put up my top two goals and monthly action steps onto my bulletin board after emptying the board off of last year’s stuff.

For dinner we took the kids to Village Inn Pizza which has the best enchiladas!

At night my daughter and I had a spa night, painting fingernails, etc.

I felt I got a lot accomplished – mainly because some of these things had been on my list for so long.