Uncovering the Creative Areas


(Pix from making cards with my daughter the other day)

For many people the craft/hobby room or area is the most difficult to declutter. The #1 thing that holds people back is thinking they are going to finish all the projects in there.

If you declutter a project maybe that means you failed, never finish anything or wasted money.

It could also mean you learned what you needed to from that project, your optional project is no longer fun, or it’s from a different lifetime for you.

Be clear on which projects you actually want to do. It’s also important to know how many more projects you can do. Will you have time to use all those scrapbooking supplies, bushels of yarn or boxes of fabric?

If not, a local school or art center would love your hand-me-downs. I know of a church sewing group that makes things for people that need them.

When inspiration hits, don’t you want a clear space to work? Or do you want to be going through boxes and boxes of stuff? Keeping everything in hopes of an item igniting inspiration often backfires when there is too much stuff. The mind freezes and the creative mojo runs away.

I prefer to buy things for a particular project. I don’t go to Michael’s picking up a bit of this and a bit of that in hopes I will use it someday.

Now this room doesn’t need to be perfect (none of them do). Creative spaces often have a bit of disarray. The question to ask yourself is, “Is this disarray helping or hurting my creativity?”


Now: Maintain

Quarterly decide on your next creative projects. If you are done with (either finished or decided you will not complete) any creative project, declutter the supplies.



  • matty says:

    I have been working on this myself this past week when we had snow days. I actually, take a deep breath, donated a nearly done quilted baby quilt. I started it when I was pregnant with my last child, 20+years ago, but I miscarried at 16 weeks and couldn’t finish it. I was nearly done, so it seemed like a really dumb thing to not finish… but I couldn’t. I realized that I wouldn’t and donated it to the local charity. Now, some little one will have a nice snug quilt and I won’t have to see it ever again! Freedom and closure!

  • Great point! I almost can’t stand to look at my desk area because it’s so cluttered with things that I *may* get around to using someday and so I can’t part with them. But you ask a good question – is that clutter helping or hurting me? And when I find myself grabbing my laptop and going to work somewhere else I realize that it certainly isn’t helping, so it may finally be time to do something about it.

  • Susan says:

    The amount of crafting materials that could be useful someday are endless, and could quickly fill up my closets. I agree it’s better to buy materials for a specific project.

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