Updating Addresses


Since I use Gmail for all my email (all my email addresses get synced to Gmail), Google Contacts was the obvious solution for housing my contacts. You can import and export allowing you to consolidate all your contacts. And you are able to tag the contacts (ie family, business friend, coworker, relative). Plus make up your own tagging terms. 

I spent a couple hours this week updating my addresses and tagging contacts. I also noted people I haven’t seen or talked to in awhile. I scheduled time to talk with them in my calendar.

I used this article to help consolidate my contacts:

The Complete Guide to Creating a Consolidated, Master Contact List

You can grab contacts from your phone, LinkedIn, Facebook and anywhere else you may have contacts.

After everything is consolidated, I backed up my contacts.

(If you are still using paper for contacts, this is a great project to hire a teen to do for you.)