Use the boat


Yesterday morning I was walking along the beach. My grandpa loved to sail so I always look at the boats in remembrance.

There are always many more boats at shore, than in the water.

When I mentioned that to my husband he said that from growing up around here, he’d see people come in from Chicago just twice a year to spend a weekend with their boat. Even the smaller boats like his co-workers have are not taken out much.

I told him that if we had a boat we would take it out every weekend. Then I thought about the blowup kayak which has not seen much use or the tent or the picnic basket.

It’s time to take them out. Let’s use our fun things. Mark on your calendar so every year it comes up to schedule time with the boat, go-cart, fishing rods, or whatever it may be.

I will also watch when I buy limited use, seasonal items. To make sure I have the money AND the time to use them. I already nixed the idea of a porch swing. It sounds nice, but I know I won’t use it much and we don’t have anywhere to put it.

What can you play with this weekend?



  • Maggie says:

    I always wanted a porch swing, too, but we never sit on the front porch. It looks so nice at other people’s houses but I don’t see anyone using them either. Guess it’s just a fun thing to remember from my childhood.

  • Beth says:

    Right, I think that is why I wanted one. One of my neighbors had one when I was growing up and we were always on that thing (and jumping off it)

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