Valentine’s Day Decorating


This week I was seeing some beautiful Valentine’s Day decorating online. So gorgeous and intricate. I was starting to feel a little envious and I wanted to buy a bunch of decorations so I could create my own Valentine’s Day masterpiece. I know by going to the store recently that there are plenty of decorations to buy. Each year the stores seem to put up more and more for each holiday. I don’t remember my parents and grandparents decorating for any holiday except Christmas and maybe a few fall items.

Before I ran out to the store, I came to my senses. Did I really want to buy more stuff that I have to store for over 11 months of the year? Did I want another expense that most likely in the next few years will become clutter when a new way of decorating shows up? And did I really want to spend the time it will take to put up that kind of display?

The answers to all those questions for me was no.

I’m sure for some of you the answers will be yes, and if you have the money and the time it’s a great creative outlet.

Yesterday I did my Valentine’s Day decorating, which took just a few minutes. I brought up my pink plastic storage box from the basement. I found a few things I wanted to use. First I hung a wire red heart.


Then I put my two love tea cups on my entertainment center. (We have no mantle here.)


And finally I hung a Valentine’s Day small box on the porch. Just enough decorating to show a new holiday without having to put all my current decorations away or having to dust around too many knickknacks.

Before you buy any new decorations this holiday, be sure to answer the questions for yourself.


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