Valentine’s Tea

Yesterday was Brea’s 7th annual Valentine’s Tea. Each year she picks different crafts, food, decorations and games. Each year is a slighly different mix of girls. She says her parties are successful because she plans mosts of it and she knows what her and her friends like. She says the boring parties are usually where the mom plans it all LOL. Being that she is 10 1/2 I’m sure I will be even less involved in future parties.

This year:
Food- mini cupcakes, chips, pink lemonade and raspberry apple juice, valentine’s peanut M & M’s and some Willy Wonka candy (didn’t match the theme at all, but she and her friends love it 🙂

Crafts- butterfly magnets, valentine’s cards, and making bead bracelets

Games- not too sure, but one had to do with throwing candy down the stairs and had the girls laughing like crazy

Decorations: a couple are below