Visual Clutter


Last time I talked about moving things out of prime space because I felt the need to open my space up more. Another thing I did was take care of some visual clutter.

I took recipes off the bulletin board in the kitchen since I haven’t made them yet. Now that space looks so much clearer. I took everything off the front of the fridge. Another clean space to look at. I also took some of the things down from the side of the fridge.

Much of my office bulletin was cleared of pithy sayings I no longer looked at or reminders I no longer needed.

Half of the pictures on the piano went into storage. The top of the entertainment center is almost clear except for a few objects.

If you have been feeling claustrophobic in your space, maybe it’s time to put some things away for the time being.

Most of us have enough visual clutter without adding a lot of decorations. You might want to store half the decorations on your entertainment center, your piano, your tables, your shelves. And then make a note in your calendar to swap things out on a later date.

What space can you open up?


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