Often times when we want to simplify our lives we are told volunteering needs to go. I couldn’t disagree more. Volunteering for many gives them purpose. Serving others can be fulfilling. And the needs are many while the workers are few.

The trick is to find out what you are passionate about and serve there. Don’t say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. If you are in charge of the PTA, head up a church committee, teach Sunday School, serve at a soup kitchen, do online campaigning to save the whales and run a marathon for Breast cancer you are probably spreading yourself out too much. None of the organizations get your full attention and passion.

I am very specific with what I will and will not volunteer for. I volunteer weekly at a couple different places – places where I use my talents and skills, places where I feel called to be. I always take at least a day or two to think and pray before saying yes to a volunteer opportunity.

But, don’t ask me to bake cookies or do transportation somewhere. Those are better left to someone who enjoys that.

Giving back instead of only consuming is such a big part of a simpler life for me. I urge you to find the best way for you to volunteer.