We are a society of action. Action is necessary and helpful.

But, so is waiting. Often as soon as we get the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing, we plow ahead in action.

Let’s say a request was made to head up the school bake sale. There is that uncomfortable silence as you need to decide. Not wanting to disappoint you say yes, only to be resentful later. Another option would be to say, “I’ll have to check my schedule and other obligations and I will let you know.” Back at home, you can discern whether this is a good idea for you and your family.

Or how about your last child moves out of the house and you have a little more free time. That feeling of not knowing what to do mixed with some sadness has you running to the first opportunity that pops up whether that is actually where you want to be or not.

Another time to wait is at the store. You get that adrenaline hit from a good deal or something that excites the senses. But, until you think whether you have the money, time to maintain and space to put it you may not want to spring for that unexpected purchase.

Taking action on everything that comes at you whether information, requests, objects, relationships, job stuff has you doing before you get your priorities straight.  You are pulled in all different directions when you choose action before understanding.

We are so scared of that downtime where we might feel things and have to deal with the unknown, that we fill our lives with busyness. No time to rest, process or contemplate.

Where in your life to you need to pause and wait before taking action?



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  • When I need to make an important decision, I usually wait to see if what I am feeling is valid. Usually, the answer doesn’t come right away. So I wait a bit more. I just wait until the world leads me where it wants me to go.

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