Waking Early

I’ve been getting up earlier than I used to, around 6AM. My days are so much better when I wake up earlier. I am able to have a quiet time, exercise, time with my third shift husband before he goes to sleep, shower and grooming, breakfast, getting the kids off to school and morning home care. And I still can get to my desk early enough to get my work done before the kids get home from school.

Now I try to be in bed before 11pm. I tape any 10pm TV shows I want to watch, (though I rarely take the time to watch them, hmmm…). My goal is also to have my computer off by 10pm. The bright screens of the TV and computer keep me awake longer if I don’t turn them off right away.

I notice if I stay up late, I rarely get anything productive done since I am so wiped out. And then mornings are rushed and I lose out on self care time. But, if I sleep instead of veg I can wake up with energy and have a better day.