Walking Barefoot


When did I stop walking barefoot in the grass?

For whole summers I would spend barefoot. Mom made me put on my shoes saying, “You are going to step on a bee.” I put on my sandals only to take them off at my best friend’s house next door.

Barefoot we rode bikes, played Kick-the-Can, and searched for frogs in the grasses of Monster Lake.

This weekend, my feet hung off my blanket into the cool, itchy grass. My legs jumped back. Now why would I do that? I sunk my feet back until the green covered my ankles.

When did it become unnatural to touch the ground with my feet in places other than the beach?

Somewhere in my past, I put on shoes and other defenses. Just in case. Danger ahead.

Maybe it’s time to lay them all down.

Photo by One Nutty Mama


  • Mary says:

    Oh how I loved running barefoot all summer when I was a kid. And yes, I stepped on bees, and cut my foot on glass, and painfully stubbed my big toe over and over! But it was worth every bit of it. Now I am a Grandma and I say the same things we all say “No, it’s not safe!” But what a wonderful memory of the earth beneath your bare feet. Grass, mud, squishy mud between your toes, warm sidewalks, puddles, sand, the little plastic baby pool, even sharp coal cinders in the alley behind the houses. All the textures of life through those little bare feet that long to be able to run freely like only a kid can.

  • Pat Schaeffer says:

    This is such a wonderful picture of Summer & being reminded that we can let the child in us come out and enjoy a simple pleasure! I’m from Michigan, too, and loved to draw pictures in the sand & feel it get between my toes. I don’t walk in the sand that way anymore because of foot trouble & balance but I love looking around at everything that’s part of Summer. I still draw a “funny face” in the snow, hoping someone will find it & smile back. In Maine, we have more snow than sand (o: You are such an encourager!

  • Margaret says:

    It’s funny that I was just thinking of that very thing this weekend, how we see the danger
    of going barefoot and miss the pleasure. I needed to read this post today. Thank you..

  • Beth Dargis says:

    I love the vivid barefoot memories, everyone!

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