Wanna Ride?

My husband recently bought a motorcycle, a Honda Shadow Sabre.


We’ve had motorcycles, mopeds, go-carts and various other things with wheels. I’ve never been too keen on any of them.

He’s had this one for 2 weeks. Both the teens have been on and loved it! "It rides much smoother than the other one." "It’s the best, Mom." and resignly, "Mom isn’t ever going on it."

I decided to ride on the motorcycle. I wanted to get on with no preconceptions of other bad rides. Lots of people love to go on motorcycles, I just had to see what they might like about riding.

I put on my daughter’s leopard print helmet. They hadn’t bothered getting me a helmet before. I breathed, then ungracefully slid myself onto the seat. We were off. Parts had me panicking a little like downshifting and making turns. My husband said I almost made him tip the bike once. Now I know not to wiggle when you are slowing down to make a turn.

But most of the ride was exhilarating. The wind makes you feel like you are flying.

We drove along the lakeshore and you can see all around you where you can’t when you are enclosed in a car. I could see why my husband likes to ride so much.

I may even get on the motorcycle again.

Have you already decided everything you do and don’t like? Have you boxed yourself in so you don’t try anything new? What could you try this week?