Wasting the Day

So it was my Sabaath, my day of rest. I watched TV program after TV program. The day before I had all sorts of plans for reading, walks, listening to music, playing with the jigsaw puzzle with the kids.  Much of my day was gone before I was shaken from my zoning out by my stomach growling.

I had two choices. The first was what I used to do – GUILT. "I can’t believe you wasted the whole day. You are so lazy. That is time you can never get back. Wow, you are pathetic." I know, lovely isn’t it? All that does is make my energy go down even further. And make me want to zone out more.

The second was what I try to do more often – SELF-KINDNESS. "You must have really needed to rest and zone out. Don’t we feel much better? And we even have some more hours in the day to play."

So I got to take a walk with my daughter, read my novel, write some friends, do yoga and some visual journaling. Without the guilt.


I wasn’t the only one that needed a rest – my cat Thomas did too