Waterfront Film Festival

Last weekend, I took the kids to the Waterfront Film Festival. I’ve been wanting to go for a few years, but I didn’t know who to go with or how to get there. My husband doesn’t really like indie films and my friends weren’t really into it either. It was going to be too hard. Yada, yada, yada.
I was journaling and asking myself what I really wanted to do this summer. The film festival appeared on the page. So I decided to actually go this year with or without anyone. I asked my son, who is just about 15, if he wanted to go. And he did. Then my just about 13 year old daughter wanted to go as well. So I screened the movie listings to make sure they weren’t too inappropriate. Jon printed off maps so we could get there.
We all had a fantastic time. We went for one day instead of the full three days. I didn’t think the kids would last that long. Surprisingly they both wanted to go another day. Next year!

We saw 4 films, including an inspiring documentary on a 3000 mile race crossing the Atlantic rowing in a boat: Row Hard, No Excuses which was one of my favorites. And American Fork was hilarious.

After the movies we were able to ask questions of the directors and sometimes the actors. We also saw the Actors Forum where actors like Mary Lynn from 24 and American Fork (on the left), and Sharon Lawrence (drinking the water) answered questions for the audience and a moderator. I was even able to talk to a couple of the actors personally.

What are you going to go for this summer?