Weekly Menu Planner


I ran across a great idea for a meal planning folder that goes on the fridge at a now defunct website.

But, 1) I didn’t have the right folder and 2) I don’t like a lot of stuff on my fridge.

My current system was a small notebook, but then I couldn’t put the recipes in it and I ended up with a pile next to my notebook.

My daughter suggested a small 3- ring binder since she knew I probably had one of those.

I had her play with designing the cover while I mainly followed the directions in LJ’s blog post.

Menu Planner

I added an Exercise Plan to the front pocket.

Exercise Plan

My menu plan I kept inside instead of outside. No forms for me, I just use lined paper. I add notes like “make barley soup in the crockpot” right after breakfast. I can also use notes to remind myself to unthaw things.

Menu Plan

Then in each of the plastic sleeves I  put the recipe(s) for the days.    Some are from the recipe box, some ripped out of magazines.

If it’s in a cookbook, I just write down the cookbook and page on scrap paper and slip it into the sleeve.

Inside menu

LJ has pantry inventory and freezer inventory. I have the pages, but am not sure if/when I will implement that.

I do have a page for current produce because I want to make sure we are using it up before it spoils. It’s especially useful in summer when we go to the farmer’s market.

Produce list

The back cover has more pockets. One pocket has the menu plan papers. And the other pocket has some of Michael Pollan’s rules for eating.

Back cover

Now I have it with my binders on my desk, all set for the next meal. And Sunday night I used it to plan my meals for the week.


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