Weekly Simplicity Tips

June 26-July 2
1. Play fast, faster, fastest. How can you make one system in your life work faster? Can you take the tops of hampers? Plan meals for a month, instead a weekly getting out your recipes? Can you put a hook right where you need it?
2. Move something to its point of use. Move your cooking utensils from the counter to next to the stove. Or put a mail station where you normally open the mail.
3. Place a wastebasket in every room.
4. Think of some financial goals you have. Next time you go shopping, ask if you really need that or would you rather save for _________.
5. Put a timer next to the computer and set it for 20 minutes before you play on the computer.
6. Clear everything off one counter. Wash it down. Then only put back what you use more than once a week.
7. Go somewhere where you can spend one hour in silence.