Weekly Simplicity Tips


Weekly Simplicity Tips

1. Carve out some relaxing time in your evening routine to improve your sleep.
2. What decisions do you make that transform you from serene to frenzied?
3. Declutter the game area.
4. Stop doing one thing society says you “should” do.
5. Clear off the outside of the fridge.
6. Enjoy a Sabbath day rest.
7. Take one action on reducing your biggest stressor.

I am excited about a project I am doing. I am creating a community for people yearning for a simpler life. It’s very rough at the moment. But you will be able to have your own simple blog to post your journey and tips, a nice amount of forums that isn’t too overwhelming, a place where you can post your own articles, recipes, ideas and news, maybe find a simplifying buddy who can let you know when you are doing too much.

You can check and answer the first forum question on Sept. habits here:


Feel free to browse around, register to post comments, etc. (it’s a very short registration form), add any forum discussions you would like and let me know what you think. And just a warning – not all the links go places yet. I’m still creating some of those pages.


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