Weekly Simplicity Tips


1. Decide what you need to do with those papers that keep ending up back into your paper pile.

2. Go through your cookbook collection and weed out the ones you don’t use.

3. Do you have a consistent place for your keys?

4. Change over your clothes for the new season. Declutter clothes as you swap. Put the out of season clothes somewhere besides hanging in your closet.

5. Use a programmable thermostat to save money.

6. Make one small change for better energy – take a vitamin, walk at lunch, practice deep breathing.

7. Take a day off from technology and machines.


Can you picture a simplified life in your mind? In this one month course you will: Zap your energy drains ~ Clean up your environment ~ Create satisfying routines ~ Streamline your life ~ Learn how to slow down ~ Create boundaries ~ Carve out time for yourself ~ Simplify your errands ~ Manage your finances ~ Create a simple wardrobe ~ Connect with the people you love ~ Beat procrastination ~ Get a life instead of a lifestyle ~ Eliminate projects and to do’s and more!

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