Weekly Simplicity Tips


1. Put all your to do’s together in a notebook or list.

2. Make health a priority by scheduling exercise.

3. Trade your books at BookMooch.com instead of buying new.

4. When you start to rush, focus your mind on the task at hand and block out the rest of your to do’s.

5. Keep your eye out for something wonderful today.

6. What is frustrating you? What can you do about it?

7. Take some time to relax with a book.


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  • Beth says:

    I love reading your weekly tips, they’re often just small ideas but they do make me consider ways to simplify things. Tip 4 here is great – often I’m too busy worrying about what else I have to do later to keep focused on the task in hand. 🙂

  • Beth says:

    Oh, and you’re called Beth, too – all the best people are called Beth, you know 😉

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