Weekly Simplicity Tips

1. What do you need to follow through on?

2. Plan your menu this week and make sure you have at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

3. Take a whole hour for lunch.

4. Turn off the TV at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

5. Are you procrastinating? Will this task get any easier by waiting?

6. Call to set up a time to spend with someone you love.

7. Plan your rest along with your work.


Overwhelmed? Out of Control? Hang on… help is on the way!

As a Certified Family Manager Coach, I am trained and ready to help you create a happy, organized home. Using exclusive Family Manager Makeover techniques and proven solutions, I will work with you to bring key areas of stress under control and offer a workable plan of action to reach your personal goals and priorities for your home and personal life. We all need to manage our one and only life well so we can enjoy its blessings and opportunities to the fullest. And, we need a peaceful, welcoming place where we can close the door behind us and say, “It feels so good to be home!”



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